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Hypnosis School

Dr. Dave Hill, DCH recognizes that the field of Hypnotherapy is continuing to expand and The Rules of the Mind Hypnosis School offers appropriate training in any one of these focus areas: general hypnosis, medical hypnosis, dental hypnosis, forensic hypnosis, sports hypnosis, business/education hypnosis, regression hypnosis, behavioral hypnosis, and hypnotherapy as a tool in psychotherapy. Persons from all walks of life are invited to attend these life changing programs.

The Rules of the Mind Hypnosis School teaches students how to offer sessions that deal with: smoking cessation, weight control, stress, phobia elimination, habit extinction, personal growth, spiritual growth, performance enhancement, insomnia, regression/past-life regression and behavioral change. Other topics that The Rules of the Mind Hypnosis School teaches are on ethics and professionalism, marketing, and when to refer to a psychotherapist and or a licensed health care professional.

Basic/Self Hypnosis Course - $1995

Course Contents:

· History of Hypnosis
· Suggestibility Testing
· Demonstrations and Group
· Supervised Group Practice
· Principles of Suggestion
· Myths and Misconceptions
· Question and Answers
· Psychology of Hypnosis
· Pre-Induction Talk
· Relaxation
· Stress Management
· Induction Methods
· Review and Exam
· Guided Mental Imagery
· Group Hypnosis
· Weight Loss
· Stop Smoking
· Formulation of Suggestions
· Positive vs. Negative
· Self Hypnosis
· Hypnosis in Business, Sports,
-Medicine and Health
· The Mind-Body Connection
· Accidental Hypnosis
· Setting up a Practice
· Directed Independent Study

Advanced Hypnosis Training Course - $1995
(Basic Course Required)

Course Contents:

· Advanced Methods
· Instant and Rapid Inductions
· Demonstrations
· Age Regression
· Hypnotherapy
· Dreams and Meaning
· Esdalie Method
· Catalepsy
· Visual Hallucination
· The Elman Method
· Medical/Dental Hypnosis
· Introduction to NLP
· Directed Independent Study
· Waking Hypnosis
· Hichman Method
· Amnesia
· Somnambulism
· Pain Control
· Post Hypnotic Suggestion
· Questions and Answers
· Hypno-Sleep
· Glove Anesthesia
· Stage Hypnosis
· Supervised Group Practice
· Oral and Written Exams

Medical Hypnoanalysis Course - $1995
(Advanced Course Required)

Course Contents:

· Fundamentals of Hypnoanalysis
· Basic Communication Type
· Initial Comprehensive Intake
· How to get Client/Patient
· Word Association in Hypnosis
· Dream Analysis in Hypnosis · Hypnoanalysis Goals in Therapy
· Spiritual Cleansing and Healing
· Body, Mind and Spirit Connection
· Client Time Line
· Subconscious Order of

· The Seven "R's" of
· Sexual Disorders
· Theology in Hypnoanalysis
· Techniques for Release of
-Negative Energy
· Regression Therapy
· Demonstration of methods used
· Supervised Practice
· Oral Summation
· Subconsciousness Motivation
-for Health and Disease

Self Hypnosis Class - $495

Course Contents:

· The Dynamics of Change
· Suggestibility Testing
· Demonstrations of Hypnotic Response
· Readiness for Change
· The Rules of the Mind
· Demonstrations of the Principle of Hypnosis
· How to Use Self-Hypnosis
· Combining Programming and Self-Hypnosis
· Learn and practice a very easy and effortless Self-Hypnosis


Stage Hypnosis Training - $5995

Course Contents:

· The secrets to making BIG money as a stage hypnotist
· Gain unstoppable confidence!
· Monologue techniques (gain rapport with your guests and audience)
· The best ways to get volunteers on stage and how to be entertaining.
· The fastest and best stage inductions.
· Contracting, pricing, and advertising.
· How to structure your show Equipment logistics and marketing.
· The power of suggestion.
· And much, MUCH more.
· You must be a certified hypnotherapist/hypnotist to attend the Stage
-Hypnosis Training and will need to provide proof of your previous
-hypnosis training to be accepted. (If you have not trained as a
-hypnotist, then you can complete my hypnotherapy training programs
-at The Rules of the Mind Hypnosis School.)


Note: A complete syllabus is given with each course. There are required readings that augment the classroom lectures and demonstrations. The Basic/Self Hypnosis Course, Advanced Hypnosis Training Course, and Medical Hypnoanalysis Course are taught on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Courses may be taken sequentially or as time and finances permit. Courses are taught throughout the academic year. These programs will teach you the skills of transformation so well that you will be able to impact your life as well as the lives of others immediately. Learn a profession and the skills that can earn you thousands of dollars. Because of the nature of the material taught at these programs, the number of attendees is limited to ensure proper education. The Rules of the Mind Hypnosis School reserves the right to limit the attendance to only those who have passed the interview process. For a telephone interview appointment, call Dave Hill now at (510) 785-8152 or click here. To book a Comedy Hypnosis Show now click here.

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